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July 10 2013

Several new images were posted in DC Gallery 6, including “Cherry Blossom Sunrise” and images of the fireworks for this year’s Independence Day festivities on the National Mall.

January 2013

Ratner Museum Exhibition:  a photographic exhibition entitled “Multiple Visions”, featuring nine photographers with very different visions, was on display through the month of January at The Dennis and Phillip Ratner Museum.  Ten of my pieces were exhibited in their best, large format glory.

June 2012 - New Images:

The Cherry Blossom Centennial can be seen in DC Gallery 6 including a historic shot of the Martin Luther King Memorial in its first year amid the blossoms.  Images from a trip to Arizona were posted in the Landscape/Travel Gallery 3 including the Glen Canyon of the Colorado River, Antelope Canyon, and a moon rise in Sedona.

2/10/2012 - Updates:

After several years with no price changes, I have finally had to increase prices in order to keep up with inflation.   I have updated the information about my prices on the prints page.

Nov 2011 - New Images:

Several new images were posted in the new Landscape/Travel Gallery 3 and in the Nature Photography Gallery 2.

10/8/2011 - New Images:

Two shots each of the new Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial and of the Navy-Marine Memorial “Waves and Gulls” were posted in DC Gallery 6.

7/8/2011 - New Images:

added 4th of July shots from my Southwest Waterfront rooftop in DC Gallery 6.

8/13/2010 - New Images:

added three new images to Nature Gallery 2, including a Pileated Woodpecker at Lake Wauburg in Payne’s Prairie and an Eastern Tiger Swallowtail butterfly in Huntley Meadows Park, Virginia.

6/4/2010 - New Images:

added several new images to D.C. Gallery 6, including the hugely popular “Snowmaggeddon Sunset on Capitol Hill”.

10/2/2009 - Artist Bio:

I’ve re-written the Artist Bio to bring the information up-to-date.

9/7/2009 - WebSite Updates:

As promised, several new galleries were added last week:

  1. Washington, D.C., Gallery 5

  2. Landscape/Travel Gallery 2

  3. Nature Photography Gallery 2

Check out these new galleries to see some of this year’s best selling images, including the historic “Obama Makes History”.

8/21/2009 - Website Facelift:

The entire website has been redesigned.  This much-needed major overhaul should help me post updates more frequently and make your visits more interesting and rewarding.  Please feel free to email me to provide feedback.

January 9 2014

Happy New Year!

Well, another year is over and, as always, the Downtown Holiday Market was a fitting conclusion for 2013.  After my Christmas vacation in Florida, I am ready to get back to work so I’ve updated the web site with a few new things for you:

New Images:

New images have been posted in a new gallery, DC Gallery 7, including the best seller at the Downtown Holiday Market: “The full moon flirts with the Washington Monument”.

Show Schedule:

I have posted show information and calendars for the first 3 months of 2014 on the schedule page.

As always, if you know what you want, please feel free to call me to place your order in advance so I will have it for you when you come see me at the market.